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Latest Chronic Heart Failure Nursing Symptom Management of Elderly Chronic Heart Failure Patients

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Special Feature 1: Nursing Care of Chronic Heart Failure, Special Feature 2: End-of-Life Care of Elderly Cancer Patients, Special Feature 3: Dealing with BPSD in Cognitive Elderly Patients
Total 120 pages
Editor: Ryohei Kishida
Co-authors: Shiho Matsuoka, Yukari Ebina, Yuko Otsuka (maiden name), Miyuki Maki, Sayuri Sakai, Machiko Yoshizawa, and Noriko Koike
Responsible for: "Special Issue 1: Nursing Care of the Latest Chronic Heart Failure Symptom Management of Elderly Patients with Chronic Heart Failure" pp. 21-27.
Symptom management of elderly patients with chronic heart failure involves understanding their physical condition based on subjective information, objective data, and physical examination, predicting possible future situations, and helping them to move in the right direction in their physical and mental condition. Symptom assessment and nursing care for the three main symptoms of heart failure, dyspnea, edema, and fatigue, are described.