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Name Tomo Nishiyama
Belonging department Trainer and Sports Course,Department of Medical Sports,Faculty of Health Care and Medical Sports
Occupation name Assistant Professor
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An example of athletic trainer support at a junior tennis tournament

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2021 2nd Chiba Association of Physical Education Conference


I reported on the athletic trainer support for the junior tennis tournament that the author conducted. At the request of the organizer, the tournament was held in June, August, September and October, with 16 to 57 athletes participating each time. The main requests from the organizers of this competition were measures against heatstroke and injury/disability. Regarding heat stroke, we periodically measured the environmental temperature using a WBGT meter and evaluated it according to the heat rule of the Japan Tennis Association. Many of the time zones in June, August, and September fall under the alert level, and we believe that further measures are necessary. A trainer booth was set up next to the court to deal with injuries and disabilities. Between 5.6% and 15% of participants in each tournament used the trainer booth. It was mainly used for ankle sprains and abrasions. A survey of athletic trainers certified by the Japan Sports Association suggests that support for junior athletes is insufficient, and we believe that such support will continue to be a valuable opportunity in the future.