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Name Kensaku Kaneko
Belonging department Department of Judo Physical Therapy,Faculty of Health Care
Occupation name Assistant Professor
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Clinical Text for Judo Therapist./Gendaitosho/2020.03

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  In recent years, with the increase in the elderly population in Japan and the increase in the number of sports enthusiasts, the number of physical ailments and injuries has been increasing, and I feel that judo therapists who treat musculoskeletal diseases are required to contribute more to society.

 At present, judo therapists focus on knowledge for the national examinations and do not provide education that is relevant to clinical practice in their pre-graduate education.
 At judo therapist training schools and universities, it is an urgent task to develop judo therapists who can be immediately effective, and it is essential to enhance clinical practice in pre-graduate education.

 This book, as a "clinical practice textbook," consolidates the knowledge and skills required for clinical practice and lists them across subjects. We hope that students will learn how the basic knowledge they learn on a daily basis is utilized in clinical practice.
 It also touches on the attitudes and ethical standards of medical professionals in light of the growing public interest in healthcare.

 I hope that this book will be used in the clinical practice of pre-graduate education, so that the practice can be carried out efficiently and the clinical practice can be a learning experience.