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Name Takenori Natori
Belonging department Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences,Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Occupation name Professor
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Development of KRN7000, derived from agelasphin produced by Okinawan sponge

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Folia Pharmacologica Japonica, 110 suppl, 63-68


Takenori Natori, Kohzi Akimoto, Kazuhiro Motoki, Yasuhiko Koezuka, Tatsuo Higa
New glycosphingolipids, named agelasphins, have been isolated as antitumoral compounds from an extract of a marine sponge, Agelas mauritianus. The absolute configurations of agelasphins were elucidated by the total synthesis. Various analogues of agelasphins were also synthesized and the relationship between their structures and biological activities was examined using an MLR assay. From the results, KRN7000, (2S,3S,4R)-1-O-(α-D-galactopyranosyl)-2-(N-hexacosanoylamino)-1,3,4-octadecanetriol, was selected as a candidate for clinical application. KRN7000 markedly stimulated lymphocytic proliferation in allogeneic MLR, and showed potent tumor growth inhibitory activities in B 16-bearing mice and strongly inhibited tumor metastasis, suggesting that KRN7000 is a potent biological response modifier. These biological effects were exerted by the activation of dendritic cells by KRN7000.