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Name Shogo Miyazaki
Belonging department Department of Acupuncture and Moxibustion,Faculty of Health Care
Occupation name Professor
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Clinical effectiveness of trigger point acupuncture on chronic neck and shoulder pain (katakori) with work productivity loss in office workers: a randomized clinical trial(肩こり労働者のためのトリガ―ポイントはり治療の効果検証)

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TrPA up to 4 times per month reduced the intensity of neck and shoulder pain (katakori) by 20% and improved labor productivity (relative presenteeism value) by 0.25 compared with the notreatment control group over a 1-month period. Moreover, the difference in labor losses incurred by companies due to neck and shoulder pain (katakori) was revealed to be JPY 756 065 per female worker per year.


Journal of occupational health (J Occup Health.)

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