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Name Shoichi Matsuura
Belonging department Department of Psychology,Faculty of Health and Medical Science
Occupation name Professor
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Research on the training effect of emergency support in the school crisis - Focusing on learning from support experience -

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This study conducts emergency support training in the event of a school crisis and investigates the effects of training before and after the training. Students are divided into 3 groups (inexperienced group, inexperienced group, and experienced group) according to their support experience, and whether it affects the emotional aspect of being involved in emergency support and the degree of understanding of emergency support. The purpose is to clarify. As a result of testing the difference between the pre-training and post-training averages of the inexperienced group, the support-experienced group, and the support-experienced group, (1) the anxiety of emergency support participation was significantly different between the inexperienced group and the support-experienced group. Was done. (2) There was a significant difference in the behavior of emergency support among the three groups. There was a significant difference between (3) the purpose of emergency support and (4) understanding of stress response between the inexperienced group and the less experienced group. (5) There was a significant difference in the need to teach coping methods only in the inexperienced group. (6) There was a significant difference in the self-confidence of psychoeducation among the three groups.