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Name Shin'ichi Haraguchi
Belonging department Department of Occupational Therapy,Faculty of Health and Medical Science
Occupation name Lecturer
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Review of literature on competency research of medical welfare workers

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The 53rd Japanese Occupational Therapy Congress & Expo in Fukuoka 2019


A literature review on competency studies of health and social work professionals was conducted. We analyzed 2 occupational therapists, 0 physical therapists, 1 speech pathologist, 36 nurses, 0 pharmacists, 2 physicians, 1 clinical psychologist, 1 social worker, 1 social worker (social worker and social worker are the same article), 1 medical social worker, and 1 mental health worker. The content of the competencies was as follows: for occupational therapists, employment support and physical disability; for nurses, medical safety for chief nurses and new nurses, initial stage of emergency, pressure ulcer management for certified nurses in skin and excretion care, psychiatric certified nurses, high quality nursing support in outpatient care, nursing activities in disaster, nurses in mid-career, nurse managers in mid-sized hospitals, and nurses in post-disaster hyperacute care. In the post-disaster hyper-acute phase, the following topics were raised: enhancing the function of teamwork in nursing activities. It became clear that there are very few studies on competency in occupations other than nursing.