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Name Setsuko Nagahama
Belonging department Department of Physical Therapy,Faculty of Health and Medical Science
Occupation name Professor
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Repeated mechanical stimuli at change time intervals have influence on pressure pain threshold

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Neuroscience 2019 (Society for Neuroscience, 49th Annual Meeting) , October, 2019, Chicago, USA


Nociceptors in the skin are present in free nerve endings of Aδ-fibers and C-fibers. The Aδ-fibers develop picking and fast pain in response to mechanical stimulation. It is well known that pain receptor is non-adapting type. There is little report about pain sensory and adaptation mechanism of Aδ- fibers, and it is not clear of pain sensory mechanism of Aδ- fibers.
The author reported that repeated mechanical stimuli to nociceptor increase pressure pain thresholds, PPTs (Neuroscience 2018). A total of 16 participants took part in the study (ranging from 20 to 22 years; 8 males and 8 females). In 7, 10, 20, 30-seconds intervals the PPTs were significantly increased. In contrast, there were increase tendency of the PPTs in 5-seconds intervals, but there were no significant changes of them. This study focused on the adaptation of pain sensory by measuring the influence of repeated mechanical pain stimuli at 5-seconds intervals on PPTs.