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How to Deal with Heart Disease -Heart Disease Different from Cancer-

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Report on the General Meeting of the ICD Friendship Society, What is the Mamera Society, Report on the 6th Winter Conference on Implantable Devices and Related Topics, Experiences, and Lecture Content of the Second Session of the General Meeting of the ICD Friendship Society
Total 30 pages
Co-authors: Imemi Ozawa, Tsukasa Takahashi, Junichi Fukumoto, Yoshiaki Saito, Katsumichi Miyajima, Yuko Otsuka (maiden name)
Part of responsibility:Part 2 of the lecture "How to deal with heart disease: Heart disease different from cancer," pp.16-30, at the ICD Friendship Society General Meeting.
He explained about heart failure, including the process from underlying heart disease to heart failure, stage classification of heart failure, pathophysiology of heart failure, and the process of cardiac function. He also explained the difference in the process between cancer and heart disease, the difference in symptoms, and the difference between end-of-life treatment for cancer disease and end-of-life treatment for heart disease. Regarding the end-of-life in heart disease, he introduced palliative care and suggested that we think early on about how we would like to receive end-of-life care in heart disease. He also explained key points regarding self-monitoring and self-management of heart failure symptoms.