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Name Kanae Ouchi
Belonging department Department of Judo Physical Therapy,Faculty of Health Care
Occupation name Assistant Professor
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Evaluation of trunk muscle activities during the Arabesque.

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XXIX Congressof International/ Japanese Society of Biomechanics (Fukuoka)


(Background) Arabesque, which is known as a basic pose in classical ballet. Several kinematic studies have reported that skilled dancers showed more pelvic motion in performing arabesque than novice dancers. In addition, abdominal muscles have been known to play  important roles for postural support before limb movements. However, trunk muscle activity to keep the pose has not been fully elucidated. 
(Purpose) We investigated the role of trunk muscles during  the arabesque using the Electromyography and Three-demintional motion caputure system.
(Sujects)  Seven experienced contemporary dancers [age: 25 to 41 years old, 2 men and 4 women (height: 160.5 ±7.1, weight: 50.9±6.9 kg), dance carrier: 23±2.0 years] volunteered for this study.  
(Results and Discussion) In this study, the ES activity was increased during the arabesque. This result suggests that the ES regulates the trunk and the lower limb extension. However, the role of the RA to keep the pose is still unclear. Furthermore, we confirmed the pelvic rotation and anterior tilt during the lower limb extension using Three-dimensional motion analysis system. Further investigation is required to elucidate the trunk stability of the arabesque.