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Name Shoko Matsuda
Belonging department Nursing and Preschool Education Course,Department of Juvenile Education,Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Occupation name Lecturer
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A Study on the Teaching Content of "Curriculum Theory" in the Childcare Care Program-Examination from Textbooks-

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 Journal of the  Department of Juvenile Education No,11


The contents of the kindergarten education guidelines were revised in March 2017 and have been in force since April 2018.
With this revision, the "childcare process" is now referred to as the "overall plan" in the nursery school childcare guidelines. At the nursery school, the subject name has been changed from the previous "childcare process theory" to "childcare planning and evaluation" and "childcare / curriculum theory". Differences can be seen, such as treating it as a different subject.
In this study, we will examine how textbooks correspond to this revision from two perspectives.