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Name Kosuke Hirayama
Belonging department Trainer and Sports Course,Department of Medical Sports,Faculty of Health Care and Medical Sports
Occupation name Lecturer
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Examination of the conceptual structure of the intake interview of skilled Sports Mental Training Consultants(査読付き)

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The 31st International Congress of Psychology、パシフィコ横浜


This study aims to clarify the structure of intake interviews carried out by skilled Japanese Sports Mental Training Consultants. The subjects were 10 Senior Sports Mental Training Consultants, who were ertified by the Japan Society of Sport Psychology. Japanese Sports Mental Training Consultants created an environment that aimed to build a relationship of trust with athletes. In addition, they asked questions in order to gain an understanding of athletes, and also confirmed the intentions of athletes with respect to behavior observation and mental training. The purpose of this confirmation was linkage to the athletes' capacity to resolve problems themselves.