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Name Kazuhide Tsurumoto
Belonging department Paramedic Course,Department of Medical Sports,Faculty of Health Care and Medical Sports
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Experience in Disaster Relief Dispatch in Response to the Major Earthquake in Nepal. Activities of the medical coordinator of a JDR medical team and its Secondary Corps

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The 21th Annual Meeting of Japanese Association for Disaster Medicine


In response to the massive earthquake that hit Nepal on April 25, 2015, a Japan Disaster Relief medical team, capable of performing surgeries, etc., was dispatched to the affected area. The team’s Primary Corps provided medical treatment in the village of Bahrabise, while the team’s Secondary Corps began to take over the activities of the Primary Corps.

In addition to providing the same treatment and vital-sign checking offered by dispatch services up to now, we have so far been tagging along in local ambulances with patients requiring transfers to other hospitals while the patients were being transferred, performing patient management. We evacuated from Bahrabise after the occurrence of aftershocks on May 12 and provided support at a hospital in Kathmandu.

We carried in patients coming to the hospital via ambulance, etc., and triaged patients that came to the hospital unassisted. In addition, as the medical teams of other countries were preparing to deploy a field clinic, we offered advice and assistance regarding arrangements and setup, and supported the medical treatment and medical equipment maintenance carried out by clinical engineers and clinical technologists.

The Secondary Corps thus has experience in activities and hospital support as a functional enhancement team.

These activities demand a greater understanding of other occupations and the flexibility to be able to respond to local needs.