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Name Eriko Kato
Belonging department Department of Nursing,Faculty of Health Care
Occupation name Associate Professor
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The Effect of a Tsutsumi Style Breast Self-Massage in the Early Puerperal Stage.

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The ICM Asia Pacific Regional Conference 2015, Yokohama


We examined whether the Tsutsumi-style self-massage method, which starts on the first day after childbirth, can suppress nipple and breast problems and whether it works effectively to promote lactation by comparing the two groups, the implementation group and non-implementation group. As a result, the incidence of nipple trouble was significantly lower due to the effect of the intervention on edema and pain during sucking. Breastfeeding rates at 2 weeks and 1 month were significantly higher in the intervention group. It was suggested that Tsutsumi-style self-massage is an effective instruction for breastfeeding support.