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Name Shin'ichi Haraguchi
Belonging department Department of Occupational Therapy,Faculty of Health and Medical Science
Occupation name Lecturer
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A study of personal rating system of occupational therapists in Tokyo

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Toyo University Graduate School of Bulletin 49


The purpose of this research was to investigate and grasp the present condition of the personal rating system to an occupational therapist, recognition of the necessity for a person in charge to a personal rating system, and a subjectThis investigation was conducted for 120 administrators and the reply was obtained from 49 persons (40.8% of recovery rate). Personal rating system was carried out with 79.2% of institution. The purpose of personal rating system had highest "the personnel's man-power development and personnel training" at 84.4%.It was answered that 81.6% of persons in charge were required for the necessity for personal rating systemIn order to introduce personal rating system for an occupational therapist individual's intention, the man-power development based properly, or the purpose of talented-people practical use and fair treatment, the necessity over a person's in charge personal rating system person education was suggested.