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Name Kumi Inomata
Belonging department Department of Nursing,Faculty of Health Care
Occupation name Associate Professor
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Comparison of the effectiveness of static and active rest on the recovery from fatigue in VDT work

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The 1st Asia conference on Occupational Health Nursing 2008 、Tokyo


The purpose of this study is to clarify the influence that the type of rest has on the fatigue recovery of the central nervous system and muscles. Conclusion 1. After stretching and walking, the CFF had significantly recovered. 2. Muscle tightness had recovered in the case of all types of rests, with no difference observed in the level of recovery. 3. The VAS had recovered significantly after stretching and walking compared with after sitting. 4. These results suggest that when the CFF and VAS do not worsen after work, fatigue is restored by any type of rest. However, when the CFF and VAS worsen after work, fatigue is recovered only by stretching and walking.